Impotence Treatment


You need for Jameel Shafakhana's Doctor to diagnose Erectile Dysfunction. Jameel Shafakhana's Doctor suspects that an underlying condition might be involved, you might need Jameel Shafakhana's Ayurvedic treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction-(Impotence)

Can not cause enough stimulation. And neither can keep the excitement alive for long Time. This sexual inactivity of any man is called Impotence-(Erectile dysfunction). In Indian society it is known by 2 different names, one Impotence and the other Erectile Dysfunction. This disease is more likely to occur due to Mental Weakness than Physical weakness.


  • » Low Libido
  • » Less force on the body.
  • » Failed to get erectile
  • » Not having satisfactory sex
  • » Lack of self confidence
  • » Lack of masculinity


Depending on the cause of your Erectile Dysfunction and underlying health conditions, Jameel Shafakhana's Doctor can explain treatment. Which is very important to keep your excitement alive for a long time.


Causes of Diabetes- Polyuria, Complaint is also a factor that hinders Erectile Dysfunction

  • » Smoking
  • » Obesity or Overweight
  • » Diabetes
  • » Stress
  • » High blood pressure
  • » Alcohol
  • » Aging factors

The proper treatment of Erectile Dysfunction is done only after testing the symptoms for its cause. The most effective treatment for Erectile Dysfunctionis is to improve the lifestyle of the patient. Whatever the patient searches for by any name, the only cure for Erectile Dysfunction is the Ayurvedic treatment of Jamil Shafakhana.Only Jameel Shafakhana's ayurvedic treatment can get you rid of Erectile Dysfunctionis.

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