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Dhanaura Road, Amroha-244221
Uttar Pradesh (India)

Jameel Shafakhana

Dargah Shahvilayat in Amroha city of Uttar Pradesh, which is known as the scorpion-bichchhoo vaalee zayaarat. The gate number 2 of the same, which is on Dhanaura road, is the Jamil Shafakhana in front of the same gate. This clinic was established in 1935, and has been treating sex patients ever since. Apart from this, medicines for diseases like jaundice, diabetes, stones and obesity are also given. The medicine is made of Unani Medical System. Which is very beneficial medicine for the above mentioned diseases. Men who are troubled by sex diseases due to their wrong habit or any reason. The purpose of Hakim Suhail is to give them medicine according to their disease. So that their life becomes happy.

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Dr.Suhail- Unani Sexologist
Low Sperm Count Treatment
Low sperm count Treatment

I want to know about healthy sperm & Low sperm count. Please help me. Because My husband sperm analysis report showing low sperm count in his semen?

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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

It is a good time to treat the serious male problem known as erectile dysfunction-( ED). It is the inability to achieve suitable erection as you want.

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premature ejaculation treatment
Early Discharge Problem

Premature ejaculation is a problem that causes most men to suffer in their lives. As soon as the sexual intercourse begins or before it happens, the man ejaculates.

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