How to improve sperm count

Causes of Low Sperm

Infertility is a curse. In the predominantly male India, most women have to bear the brunt of infertility . But in reality it is the man who is responsible. Because reproductive discrepancies are more common in males than in females. Doing more work at higher temperatures also reduces healthy sperm in the semen of any man. Semen infection also reduces healthy sperm count. There are some factors are responsible for male infertility. Like- (Unhealthy lifestyle, lack of physical activity, high pressure jobs, pollution, poor diet, alcohol consumption and smoking) These bad habits greatly affect the sperm count present in the semen of any male.

What is Low Sperm Count-Oligospermia

The small amount of healthy sperm in the ejaculated fluid by male is called Olijospermiya. this sign related to male infertility. Which affect the infertility.

What is Zero Sperm Count-Azoospermia

Ejaculated semen contains zero sperm under vary rare causes. In case of Male who have zero sperm count and don't have any Reproductive blockages as well, A complete lack of sperms is called -Azoospermia. Completely not found healthy sperms in the ejaculated fluid, these Male are infertile.Jameel Shafakhana offers the revolutionary Ayurvedic treatment, It is helpful to produce healthy motile sperm in semen.

Risk factors are linked Infertility

  • » Obesity
  • » Diabetes
  • » Drinking alcohol
  • » Smoking tobacco
  • » Avoid too much Junk foods
  • » Avoid heat.

Ayurvedic treatments for Male Infertility

Medicinal herbs, which has been mentioned in the treatises of ancient Indian Ayurveda.

  • » Shilajit
  • » Safed Musli
  • » Ashwagandha
  • » Vansh Lochan
  • » Ambar

Patients seek treatment and medicine in different ways according to their convenience. According to the status of the diseases, all the stages of Low Sperm and Zero Sperm Count have permanent Ayurvedic treatment at the Jameel Shafakhana.

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